Aspect New Media: Our experience and history, London, UK

Paul F. Graham and Richard Butler

Richard Butler
Chief Creative Officer

A strong design career has seen Rich entrusted with such leading brands as Virgin, Vodafone and P&G - to name but a few. Whilst nurturing the faces of these and several others, he has also been working tirelessly to redefine online user experience - for the likes of Tussauds Group and Sony Music, no less. As a company, we are committed to this redefinition; and Rich's toned, artistic expertise and interactive edge provide Aspect New Media with the perfect springboard to do just that.

For the past nine years, Rich has been firmly bedded into the agency scene in, and around, London. Mid-2008 saw him leave Wunderman UK to concentrate on Aspect New Media full time, having looked after the interactive arm of some of the web's highest-profile presences - namely Ford, Land Rover, and Adidas.

Quirky, cutting-edge campaigns and thrilling user journeys are the name of the game here. Let's just hope there are enough chips in this world to power the revolution.

Paul F. Graham
Chief Technical Officer

In mid-2008, Paul left his role as a Business and Technology Consultant at BT - previously he was a solution architect at the company - to take Aspect New Media full time. During his time at BT, he worked with a number of global organisations, including Credit Suisse, Reuters, Shell, and Microsoft, as well as on digital media distribution projects for the likes of Robbie Williams.

Prior to joining BT, Paul was the lead developer at a company based in London that was very much a small fish in a big pond, dealing primarily with heavyweight clients Johnson & Johnson and Coca Cola, for example.

With 10 years of development experience behind him across a variety of languages, and several years of consultancy work, Paul is the CTO of Aspect New Media for a good reason he understand technology, he understands business, and he knows how to put the two together to great effect. Oh, and he can cook too. So he says.