Aspect New Media: Services we provide, London, UK


Software solution design

We've separated out Web Applications from Desktop Applications because most people still think they should be... but, for us, the line is blurring and, as we embrace new technologies and techniques, we're accelerating that trend.

Web applications

From static e-brochures to full-featured, rich online experiences - and everything in between.

Desktop applications

Pretty much anything you can imagine - and probably a whole lot more you can't.

Design expertise

Let's face it, not all of us are blessed with artistic flair but first impressions count for more than any of us would really care to admit. Yet, while good looks might get you a second glance, it's rarely enough to get you a phone number.

Fortunately for you, we happen to be very well endowed in the old creative department. At least, that's what the ladies say.

Branding know-how

With all that industry experience behind us, and the major client engagements we have to draw upon, you'd think we'd know a thing or two about branding, wouldn't you? And you'd be right. We do.

If all you want is a new logo, we can do that, but we can offer a much more comprehensive branding service to turn your business from a rough diamond to every girl's best friend.

Consultancy services

We all need support when we're first starting out on a new adventure - whether it's simply a case of showing you where North is, drawing you a map, or even holding your hand until you get your bearings. With experience at both enterprise-scale and fledgling organisations, we have the necessary expertise to help you get your journey off to a solid start.

And you needn't feel left out if you're already an established company - old dogs can always learn new tricks and we have just the right pedigree to teach them to you.

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